Kurt Ove von Husby

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Kurt was working in Pronova (today FMC) with seaweed for 12 years, including a stay in the USA for more than two years. His family lived in New Hampshire, and his kids enjoy the US very much. He joined Borregaard close to 9 years ago (around 1997) this company belongs to one of the biggest companies in Norway named Orkla. As of 2006, he is working at the HQ and is responsible for sales of Borregaard's food ingredient products like vanillin and ethyl vanillin, inactivated yeast/yeast extracts and omega-3 fatty acids. He has an international sales force and distributor network to look after and is always looking for new opportunities. Their strategy is to increase further their portfolio on food and health ingredients and pharmaceutical products.


Klara Nyhus
Odd Husby


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