Maren Andrea Andreasdatter

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Christened July 28, 1833, in Sandar kirkebok. Her birthplace is listed as "Unneberg Vestre Vindal".

View the Sandar kirkebok listing. She married a Swedish man, Olaf Nilssen, at Sandar Kirke in 1864, though by 1865, their first son Ole Christian was 5, so this could be inaccurate. Within a year, in 1865, they were farming at the Moe farm in the Sandeherred parish. They had two children, Ole Christian and Anette Louise. They may have had a third child, Marthinus Olufsen, in 1866. Anette died in 1867. They were still living there in 1868 when Olaf Nilssen was lost in the North Sea in November. By 1875, Maren was again living with her mother, Line, and child Ole on a Herre-Unneberg farm.


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