Olof Trätälja (Tree-Feller)

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Olaf Tree Feller (Old Norse: Ólafr trételgja, Swedish: Olof Trätälja, Norwegian: Olav Tretelgja) was the son of the Swedish king Ingjald Ill—ruler of the House of Yngling according to Ynglingatal.

He grew up with his foster-brother, Sax Flette, in West Götaland. When he heard of his father's death in Nerike, he travelled there with all the kinsmen willing to follow him. The Swedes, who had grown hostile to Olof's family due to his father's rule, attacked Olof and he and his kinsmen headed west to what is now the province of Värmland. It was due to his clearing of trees there that he gained his nickname.

Olof married, and had two sons, who were brought up in the house of his mother's uncle Sölve.

Eventually, so many Swedes migrated to Värmland that the land could not support them. Olof was offered up as sacrifice to Odin. However, other histories say he lived in peace until his death.


Ingjald illråde (Ill-ruler)


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Ingjald Olofsson

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