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Ingjald had two children, a son Olof Trätälja and a daughter Åsa. His daughter had inherited her father's psychopathic disposition. She married king Gudröd of Skåne. Before she murdered her husband she managed to make him kill his own brother Halfdan the Kind, the father of the great Ivar Vidfamne.

In order to avenge his father, Ivar Vidfamne gathered a vast host and departed for Sweden, where he found Ingjald at Ræning. Ræning is probably Rällinge on the island of Fogdö in Lake Mälaren, or Rönö Hundred in Södermanland, mentioned on a runestone as "rauniki". When Ingjald and his daughter realized that it was futile to resist, they set the hall on fire and succumbed in the flames.


Ingjald illråde (Ill-ruler)


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