Halvdan "den gavmilde (the mild)" Øysteinsson Konge

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Excerpt from Wikipedia.

Halfdan the Mild (Norwegian: Halvdan Øysteinsson; Old Norse: Hálfdan hinn mildi) was the son of king Eystein Halfdansson, of the House of Yngling and he succeeded his father as king, according to Heimskringla. He was king of Romerike and Vestfold.

He was said to be generous in gold but to starve his men with food. He was a great warrior who often pillaged and gathered great booty.

His wife was Liv, the daughter of king Dag of Vestmar. Halfdan the Mild died of illness in his bed.

He was succeeded by his son, Gudrød the Hunter.


Øystein Halvdansson Konge
Hild Eiriksdotter


0 0, 0: Liv Dagsdotter


Ivar Halvdansson Jarl pa Opplandene
Gudrød "the Hunter" Halvdansson Veidekonge

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