Gudrød "the Hunter" Halvdansson Veidekonge

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Gudröd the Hunter (Old Norse: Guðröðr veiðikonung, Modern Icelandic: Guðröður veiðikonung, Norwegian: Gudrød Veidekonge) is a mythological character of thirteenth century Iceland was the son of Halfdan the Mild of the House of Yngling and of Liv Dagsdotter of Vestmar, according to Heimskringla.

Gudröd married Alfhild, a daughter of Alfarin the king of Alfheim (Bohuslän), which was the name of the area between Glomma and Göta älv, and inherited half the province of Vingulmark. They had the son Olaf Gudrødsson.

When Alfhild died, Gudröd sent his warriors to Agder and its king Harald to propose a marriage with his daughter Åsa. However, Harald declined so Gudröd decided to take his daughter by force.

They arrived at night time and when Harald realised that he was attacked he assembled his men and fought well, but died together with his son Gyrd. Gudröd carried away Åsa and married her. He raped her and she gave him a son named Halfdan who would be called Halfdan the Black.

In the fall when Halfdan was a year old, Gudröd was having at a feast in Stiflesund. He was very drunk and in the evening as he was walking on the gangway to leave the ship, an assassin thrust a spear through Gudröd and he was killed. Gudröd's men instantly killed the assassin who turned out to be Åsa's page-boy. Åsa admitted that the page-boy had acted on her behalf.


Halvdan "den gavmilde (the mild)" Øysteinsson Konge
Liv Dagsdotter


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Halvdan "Svarte (the Black)" Gudrødsson
Olaf "Geirstadalv (elf of Geirstad)" Gudrødsson

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