Daniel Covey

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Daniel Covey was the twin of Uriah Covey Jr., who died not long after their birth. They were born in Scotland county, Missouri. By the age of 6, he had moved to Mendocino, California, with his parents and many siblings. His family later moved to Analy township, in Sonoma County, where he likely met his wife, Laura May Ross. Together they raised their many children in Lake County. At the age of 56, he and his wife had moved to Cloverdale township.


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6 1, 1890: Laura May Ross


Jamella or Germilla Covey
Ernest Virgil Covey
Nellie Frances Covey
James Mervin Covey
Lema Dorris Covey
Wilfred Covey
Donald Ross Covey
Clara Lois Covey Silvera

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