Uriah Covey

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Uriah Covey was born in Orange township, Ohio. He married Mary Salke and had two children. He remarried Sarah Purvis in 1859. They moved some time before 1870 to Mendocino, California, with Sarah's daughter from a prior marriage, Ann Fernald, and their several children. At the age of 48, in 1880, Uriah and his wife were living in Analy township, in Sonoma. In 1900 at 68, he was living in Forestville township.

By then, his family had close ties to the Ross family which lived in the Sonoma county area. Three of his children, William, Amanda and Daniel, had married three of the William Ross and Sarah Kay grandchildren.


Alpheus Covey
Pauline Crandall


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Daniel Covey
William Covey
George Washington Covey
Mary M. Covey
Clara Day Covey
Ella Zine "Lizzie" Covey
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Harmon Covey
James Walter Covey

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